Reed started Prancing Yeti in 2017 after realizing there was a gap in the online world between strategies that demand more skills and money than the average person can afford to invest; and people in the real world trying to make extra spending money for important things like hobbies, gifts, and bills.

Make Money For (and From) Your Hobbies

Yeah, paying bills is important, but what I really want to help you with and ultimately achieve is more time and money to spend on life-giving hobbies; that are far too easily forgotten in our work-demanding culture.

There are already enough websites on making money – but this? There will never be enough! Let’s spend less time talking about work and more time on how we can all afford more time to play.

That’s what I want!

So really, this site is ultimately for the goal-driven hobbyists that want to make money in the easiest way possible; without adding more stress or demands to their already demanding lives, so they can enjoy more time doing the things that matter….

Their hobbies!

Free Referrals

After seeing how self-focused everyone’s website in the rewards space is, I knew I wanted Prancing Yeti to be different, and rather than focusing on me making all the money I’d focus on giving readers the biggest piece of the pie.

The idea is simple: give you all the referrals.

This is accomplished by giving you, the visitor, the opportunity to have your referral links shared around the site, and also the ability to share your own strategies and thoughts in the rewards space to grow your own referrals and income with paid-to-watch apps and websites.

Doing this turns Prancing Yeti into a platform for producing endless value to others.

I can hear you saying: “But Reed, how will you make money?”

It’s a good question really, because why in the world would someone give up the chance to earn referrals – and a percent of what they earn for life.

That’s crazy, right?

Maybe I’ll write a book, but until then I will try hosting ads on the site, which may not be enough to cover costs and keep the site going; but I’m willing to find out because money isn’t enough of a motivator to keep me going.

But really…

I’m doing it because I want you hungry and motivated to share your tips, strategies, reviews for paid-to-watch apps and websites. I’m doing it because it sucks to work alone and do everything yourself, and to do so knowing one day it will all fizzle out because you are no longer able to keep it up really kills motivation

Most importantly, it’s the knowing others are reaping benefit that motivates me to keep working on Prancing Yeti.

And that’s why you get all the referrals.

If you don’t know what any of this means, that’s alright, just read around the site to get a better idea. Once you do know what I’m giving you, use this form to get your referral links featured on this site.

Additionally, you can also write for us and have your referral links featured in your posts, which could turn into a great passive referral generating asset for you as the site grows and I share your posts on Prancing Yeti’s socials.

Use Rewards Sites & Apps

Aside from this opportunity, I am excited to show you how I use simple websites and apps to make extra spending money each and every month that doesn’t require extensive knowledge or skills and wont stress you out.

Being able to make an extra $100 bucks or more a month without having to spend hours upon hours practicing and honing a new skill is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. It’s very comforting to know I can make money to help pay for my hobbies, and do so every month easily.

To make extra money each month I turn to easy to use rewards sites and apps, that basically pay us money in exchange for easy to do activities like watching videos and browsing the web.

While this may sound bonkers, and similar to all the spam emails you get in your inbox, or comments you read on Youtube videos, I want to assure you that the opportunities I share here with you are very real, and that the millions of members that use these sites know it too.

If you’ve ever used rewards sites in the past, and have been burned by them, or scammed in any way, I want you to know that today’s rewards sites, especially the ones I recommend, have come a long way from the shady operations that existed in the past.

Rewards sites today are highly active, some boasting as many as 12 million members, who use them to get weekly PayPal deposits or gift cards of all sorts in exchange for easy activities.

Today’s Rewards sites mean serious business, and this means they are willing to pay you well and quickly for doing simple tasks.

Prancing Yeti is here to help you find and use the best rewards sites in the most efficient ways so you can collect what may best be described as free money.

Yes, with a little time each day you can absolutely collect free money.

And it’s amazing more people aren’t doing this!

What Prancing Yeti Can Help You With

In summary, this site will cover these topics:

  • Rewards farming
  • Rewards sites and apps
  • Make money for your hobbies
  • Hobbies that can make money
  • How to spend less time on things that don’t matter
  • How to spend more time on things that do matter
  • Ideas on fun things to try, and how to fund them with rewards sites

Right now I’m busy making content around these core topics, and eventually the site will be packed full of all this good stuff.

So, stick around and have a look, I guarantee there is plenty here for you to like (and will be!).