Best Browsers For Rewards Sites

If you are looking for no frills advice on what browser to use with rewards sites so you can earn the most, then this is for you.

A good browser earns better.

A lot has changed in the world of rewards. Sites of yesterday are not the same today. likewise, browsers are more advanced and come with even more vague settings, sometimes hard to get to and confusing to set.

It’s no surprise that the best earnings come with an compatible browser. This isn’t hard, but to someone that doesn’t know it can be frustrating, especially when they find others are making more, and they don’t know why. This post will give you a better idea on what browser you should be using and the best settings for it, because:

An optimized browser is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that everyone knows is there, but few know why, or how.

Here’s the why and how so you can have you own 800 pound gorilla working on rewards for you.

Ready? Let us embark on our browser safari.
google chrome


Google loves your data, and Chrome is certainly a reflection of this. Some of the features are awesome, like cross-device sharing, but it comes at a cost. You will need to clear your cache more than you would with other browsers, otherwise all your opened chrome browsers that have sync enabled can crash. It also handles flash erratically, in that it blocks flash even when you tell it not to.

But, even with these problems it remains to be the #1 browser of choice for using with rewards sites. So much so that even the rewards sites themselves recommend it, because it is the most compatible.

Chrome is my browser of choice, and works great with all the top rewards sites. Just remember to hit ctrl+shift+del to quickly clear your cache every 4 hours or so, otherwise you will run into problems.


I use opera when I am tired of Chrome. It is a lightweight and less of a resource hog. But, it does come loaded with features that scare rewards sites. Opera’s special features are: Ad Blocker, Opera VPN and Turbo. These are all excellent features that the typical web user can use to browse the web quickly and safely, but, they can cause problems with rewards sites.

Swagbucks will alert you that you are running an ad blocker if it is enabled (and sometimes when it isn’t). Turbo and Opera VPN can kill your earnings, as advertisers are no longer targeting you, but rather a faceless person using Opera VPN and Turbo. Most do not want to target faceless people. Earnhoney will not load when OperaVPN is enabled, instead, you will find a connection refused page served by the website security company CloudFlare.

Opera can be a great alternative to firefox or chrome because it is fast, and handles videos well. However, you will need to disable the VPN and Turbo feature to use it with most sites.


This is a new browser from the company behind Opera. They did it as an answer to aggressive competition from google. It is designed to be the fastest browser out there, and in many cases it is. However, its speed can be partly attributed to how it loads and handles websites.

Vivaldi aggressively blocks ads and advertising resources, which is the lifeblood of rewards sites. Because of this, Earnhoney chose to block Vivaldi from DiscoveryMedia, and you should assume others may as well.

Vivaldi is a fast browser. It handles flash better than chrome and firefox, but its privacy and ad blocking features aren’t always supported, and may result in lower earnings.

mozilla firefoxFIREFOX

One feature we love about firefox is the ability to create multiple profiles that can be used for different, and highly specific purposes.

With Firefox you can have a profile for shopping, that has all your favorite addons for shopping; or you can create one specifically for rewards sites, complete with the addons for your rewards sites; or you may even go so far as to make a profile for each rewards site. It’s really up to you, so long as the profile(s) you setup for rewards purposes use only necessary addons. Too many of those slow things down.

Firefox can run for a bit, but it always seems to crash, and blocks flash even when you don’t want it to.

internet explorer edgeEXPLORER & EDGE

It’s an old but usable browser, that comes pre-installed on windows machines. There are two versions – Edge and IE, with the primary difference being that Edge is mobile optimized.

Both utilize Smart Screen, which is a security feature that can be problematic with rewards sites. You will likely need to turn it off, or deal with the hassle of it interrupting an offer.

Edge is slow and just doesn’t work well compared to other browsers. Internet Explorer is also slow, and has a number of compatibility issues with websites.

Some errors happen no matter what browser you use.

If you came here wanting to know if that error you were seeing on a site you were using was because of your browser, you learned what cases it were true. But, sometimes it isn’t the browser, and the site instead. Take these for example:

  • Swagbucks Watch video restricted – Sometimes you will be in the middle of a playlist and this will pop up on a video, making it impossible to finish and earn your points.
  • Videolabs please wait for videos – This usually happens when ads have run dry.
  • Your IP is restricted error – Sometimes advertisers block you, and when that happens you get this error.
  • Swagbucks all out of offers ngage – You will see this when ngage, hypermx, or ncrave run out of offers to show you.
  • Earnhoney 502 error – Sometimes their properties go down and you see a big bold 502 on a error page.
  • DiscoveryMedia you have another tab open – sometimes you can follow the suggested info and clear your cache but still get this notice.

When you see errors like these you now know it isn’t your browser. But when the browser crashes, closes, or gives you the sort of grief shown above -it is, and now you know what to do about it.

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