Swagbucks: Everything You Need to Know to Earn & Get Paid by This Rewards Giant in 2019

In this complete guide, I cover all the features of Swagbucks so that you get a complete idea of what it offers and how to use it like a true master. This will be a 15 minute read,  but when you finish it you will come out knowing everything you need to know to earn […] Read more

Earn an Easy $15/Month Using Swagbucks Apps on Your Smartphone

If you have an android or apple smartphone, you can earn some extra cash with it when you aren’t using it. I am earning around $15 a month from running Swagbucks apps on my cheap $32 android smartphone. What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a rewards site where you can watch videos, complete offers, or shop […] Read more

Best Browsers For Rewards Sites

If you are looking for no frills advice on what browser to use with rewards sites so you can earn the most, then this is for you. A good browser earns better. A lot has changed in the world of rewards. Sites of yesterday are not the same today. likewise, browsers are more advanced and […] Read more

Rewards Sites Like Earnhoney in 2019

Last year brought a lot of changes to Earnhoney. For one, they released a new offer dubbed Discover Media. This offer started off with a 50% bonus, for development reasons, but as the kinks get worked out I expect it to become a major staple for us honeybees. And that’s just one of the big […] Read more

How to Earn an Extra $720/Year Using Paid-to-Watch Apps

What I’m about to share with you is probably the easiest way to earn an extra $720/year that I know of, and it can be done only spending around $60 or less, depending on how many smart phones you already have. First things first, I will have to say that your earnings will vary. You […] Read more

These Things Can Kill Your Reward Site Earnings

Are you using swagbucks, instagc, or earnhoney? Good! You should be! But are you wondering if some hidden secret force is killing your earnings? This is a question we all should be asking ourselves when earnings get erratic and offers close or disappear unexpectedly. BROWSER CACHE Cache is stored on your device to help speed […] Read more

PaidViewpoint Review – It’s Quick and Simple, But is it Worthwhile?

From 2008-2017 there was a website called It was a clean, simple, and easy to use paid survey website where you earned a few pennies and tokens for each survey you completed. If I remember correctly, you’re earnings per survey where random. You could win a few dollars for taking a survey if you […] Read more

Never Worry About Christmas Gifts Again – With Rewards Sites

Give me 5 minutes and I’ll give you all the merry details on how you can pay for Christmas every year without having to dip into your own pocket. Doing that is never fun, especially when funds are low. This creates stress and who wants to be stressed over the holidays! If this sounds like […] Read more

Make $12 a Day With Rewards Sites

If you don’t know already, using rewards sites to make money can be an easy way to generate income on the side. The reason why this appeals to many people is because it requires little ability on their part, and can be done in the comfort of their home. For many, it’s the easiest way […] Read more

How Much Can You Make Using Rewards Sites? And is it Worth it?

Chances are, you have stumbled across reward sites in the past while looking for ways to save or make money online. You may not even have known one was being pitched to you at the time, because like most, you probably shrugged it off as a scam. If you have been in the game as […] Read more

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