How to Earn an Extra $720/Year Using Paid-to-Watch Apps

What I’m about to share with you is probably the easiest way to earn an extra $720/year that I know of, and it can be done only spending around $60 or less, depending on how many smart phones you already have.

First things first, I will have to say that your earnings will vary. You may earn more, you may earn less, it all depends how fast your WiFi and Internet speeds are, and probably the most important is where you are located in the USA.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 6 working android 4.4+ phones
  • To live in the USA or another compatible country
  • A home WiFi connection

What Are Paid-to-Watch Apps?

The basics behind this is you’ll sign up for two paid-to-watch apps: AppTrailers and RewardableTV. These apps will reward you with points for watching videos through their app. In RewardableTV you can exchange the points for money through Paypal. In Apptrailers, you can redeem points for gift cards or Paypal, but right now gift cards are the much better deal. You can get gift cards from many popular stores such as Walmart and Amazon.

How much you earn from paid-to-watch apps will depend largely on your location. It seems that people that live near or in large cities can earn more than people living in the boonies.

Now that you know what paid-to-watch apps are, let’s get started with the steps.

Step 1 – Get 12 Compatible Smart Phones For Cheap

There was a great deal for Alcatel onetouch® Pixi PULSAR™ (A460G) Reconditioned phones for $4.99 each at StraightTalk. These phones are Android 4.4, so they currently work for both Apptrailers and RewardableTV. This was the cheapest deal I was able to find. If you want a deal this cheap, I suggest you keep an eye out for cheap Android 4.4+ phones on StraightTalk. When you are buying the phones, select the no service plan option to buy just the phone.

You can buy a maximum of 6 phones at a time from StraightTalk. I was able to place two orders of 6 phones before they wouldn’t let me order any more. I’m guessing this is to keep people from buying out their inventory and then reselling the phones for a higher price. The phones are shipped free using 1 day delivery through FedEx, which is amazing.

If you have some old, but functional, smart phones phones laying around, you could try using them too.

When you get the phones, go through the process of setting them up by signing up for a Google account. There are some settings you should change. To save energy, turn the brightness all the way down. You also want the phones to stay running 24/7, so you will want to change the display settings to never turn off the screen. You will be able to earn more if you set the screen to always stay on.

The phones will be running 24/7, so you will want to unplug them for a few hours each day to avoid battery bloat. This is where the battery swells from being plugged in 24/7 for days on end. So to prevent this, it is best to let them drain for a few hours each day.

Step 2 – Sign Up and Install These Two Apps

Now you can install the apps. Each app has device limits that you must follow, or you’ll risk being banned. AppTrailers currently lets you install and run it on a maximum of 5 phones at the same time. RewardableTV lets you install and run it on a maximum of 7 phones at the same time.

Here are the Links to the Apps

  • AppTrailers – Use the referral code 25c787cb to earn an extra $4 when you reach 25,000 points.
  • RewardableTV – Use the code 65416F76D14697B6 to get a $0.50 bonus on your first task.

I don’t recommend signing up through Facebook for AppTrailers. AppTrailers sends gift cards to an email address, so you are going to have to provide them with an email address anyway, which is why I suggest signing up with an email address and not Facebook.

Go ahead and install AppTrailers on 5 of the phones, and install RewardableTV on 7 of the phones. Don’t make a new account for each phone. Sign in to the same account on the rest of the phones. Most paid-to-watch apps have strict rules against having more than one account per person.

Step 3 – Run the Apps and Earn Easy Money

Now that you’ve set up your phones and installed the apps and signed up, you can begin to run the apps. When you open up AppTrailers, you will want to tap watch videos, and then tap a channel you want to watch. For RewardableTV, you will also tap the watch option and then tap the option on top. After that, the videos should continue to play automatically.

Both of these apps should run passively by themselves, however, periodically you may need to close the app and then restart it, or clear the app’s cache to keep it running smoothly.

From my experience, RewardableTV is much more passive than AppTrailers, and requires very little interaction.

AppTrailers sometimes has advertisements that require you to tap a button in order for you to keep the videos playing. It also seems more finicky than RewardableTV. If I notice the screen is stuck on the loading circle for a long time and not playing a video or advertisement, then I will close the app and reopen it and try again. If that doesn’t work, I will clear the app’s cache, which is really easy to do. On Android 4.4, close the app, hold the square button, tap manage apps, swipe to downloaded, find and tap AppTrailers, tap force stop, then tap clear cache, then tap launch. Easy peasy.

You’ll want to leave the phones running 24/7 to maximize your earnings. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for money sent through Paypal from RewardableTV, or for gift cards or Paypal from AppTrailers. I would suggest redeeming for gift cards in AppTrailers because it is a much better deal.

That’s all there is to it. I hope you enjoy the easy extra money this brings you!

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