Earn Free Referrals

One of the biggest features of this site is the opportunity to have your referral links displayed to PrancingYeti.com’s visitors, which can earn you free referrals.

It’s one way this site is different from the rest, and if you want to take advantage of it simply enter your referral links into the boxes below to have them added to rotation.

Submit Your Referral Links

use this form to submit your referral links and have them rotated into the site.

This is a brand new feature that I am working on, and so it is not 100% complete yet. Regardless, I’m going to give early-birds the chance to be at the front of the line by allowing them to submit their referral links before it is live.

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Take it Further

If you’ve got some writing muscles to flex and want the chance to earn even more referrals for free then consider writing for this blog.

Having an article posted on this blog has it’s perks.

For one, you get to include a referral link in your article which can be a great way to get passive referrals for free.

Next, your article gets continuously promoted through Prancing Yeti’s socials – which means even more traffic to your article as PY’s socials grow.

And lastly: it just feels good to produce content that help others and have it shared on the web!

All-in-all this is an opportunity too good to pass up.