How Much Can You Make Using Rewards Sites? And is it Worth it?

Chances are, you have stumbled across reward sites in the past while looking for ways to save or make money online. You may not even have known one was being pitched to you at the time, because like most, you probably shrugged it off as a scam.

If you have been in the game as long as I have, you may remember the days when these types of sites were all anyone talked about, but then they disappeared.. what happened?

Scam artists is what happened…

It used to be that rewards sites were the first recommendations whenever someone asked for a way to make easy money online. Then, as times changed and the internet matured, rewards sites took a back seat to overpriced courses sold by online gurus, looking to make big bucks off all the starry eyed online newcomers wanting to make money by convincing you their methods were easier and more fruitful than everything else.

Then, reality hit, and people began to see the truth about these ridiculous overpriced courses – that they never deliver, and always over-promise.

I’m here to tell you that things have changed, and the online landscape has become ripe with opportunities that unlike those overpriced courses, are free

and actually can make you money.

Not just next year, this month, this week, and tomorrow, but today if you are motivated enough. Yes, you really can open one of these sites and start making money today.

Sound too good to be true? That’s alright, lots of people still think that, and that’s why I’m here to set things right and open your eyes to the realities of rewards sites.

After-all, the largest rewards site only has 12 million members. What do 12 million people know? Right?

Now that I’ve got you thinking, let’s discuss the important question you came here withHow much can you make using them?

To better answer this question, I will provide you with a helpful graphic that reveals how much you can make using rewards sites. It is organized in what I have found to be the most helpful way when answering this question. Proven by science (our science). Which I will now explain to you.

I find it usually takes 90 days to settle in on 2 figure earnings ($100+ months). This is an estimate I settled on after repeating the process myself over the years. Yes, I could have taken the highest monthly earnings number and said “hey look, you can make this every month!” but that isn’t honest, because it’s based on an earning that most will not see till after they’ve gotten the hang of using rewards sites.

There are no evil yetis here, just prancing ones.


reward sites

Earnings strongly depend on how many devices you use.

Scenario 1: $50 – $75 
1 computer, 2 mobile device

Scenario 2: $75 – $100
2 computers, 3 mobile devices

Scenario 3: $100 – $125
3 computers, 4 mobile devices

I need to get super technical with you, so I hope you are ready for this: It takes devices to earn the money, but what many don’t realize, is that not all devices are equal, and because so, not all devices have the same earning power.


You can reach the higher end by using better mobile devices: so expect higher end tablets to earn more than lower end ones, and higher end smart phones to earn more than lower end ones. The same applies to computers; if you are using cheap laptop computers, expect them to make less than higher end desktop computers.

Now that you know this, I am going to guess what your next question will be, and I will probably guess right, because it is the same question we humans ask ourselves whenever presented with an opportunity: is the juice worth the squeeze?

Or better yet:


The answer to this question isn’t so simple, because in order for you to understand why $100 bucks a month is worth it, we need to first have you understand why earning $3-5 bucks a day is worth it; because in order to reach $100 a month, that is how much you will need to make each day.

So now the question really becomes:


Here’s why the idea of making 3-5 bucks a day should excite you: because an extra $3-4 bucks a day will earn you an extra $100 bucks a month. I know this has already been said, but In order for rewards sites to be worth it, you need to be consistent and earn a little amount every day. To keep yourself putting in a little effort every day, you need to take action on the small stuff and keep an eye on the end result. You need to maintain the connection that daily progress -though somewhat small- yields results over a period of time. This is how you make it worth it.


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