Swagbucks: Everything You Need to Know to Earn & Get Paid by This Rewards Giant in 2019

In this complete guide, I cover all the features of Swagbucks so that you get a complete idea of what it offers and how to use it like a true master. This will be a 15 minute read,  but when you finish it you will come out knowing everything you need to know to earn and get paid by this rewards giant in 2019.

Table of Contents

Ready? Let’s turn you into a Swagbucks pro. We’ll start with the basics and then work you into the exciting stuff like earning points and getting paid. Or, select your own chapter to start with by clicking it below.

If you take the time to really go through all of this then I 1000% believe you will come out the other end with an expert level understanding of how it works and most importantly -how you can benefit from it.


Swagbucks.com is an online rewards site with headquarters in El Segundo, California. It gives members the chance to earn points for doing tasks like watching videos, shopping, installing apps, taking surveys, and browsing web content. When a member has collected enough points they are then able to redeem them for a wide variety of gift cards, Paypal, or a Virtual Visa Card.

So far, Swagbucks has awarded over 200 million in gift cards to members. With over 12 million members, it is the largest rewards site out there. It is also the oldest, with a launch year of 2008, making it 10 years old.

The site works for users in U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and India.

It’s parent company is Prodege, LLC. which runs a handful of other rewards-focused sites.

Get Rewarded For Doing Things You Already Do

The biggest reason why people use rewards sites is because they can be rewarded for doing small, familiar tasks like watching videos or browsing the web.

What’s The Catch? Here’s How Swagbucks Works…

You may be wondering: what’s the catch? Why is Swagbucks willing to give us money for watching videos and searching the web? Well, it’s for one reason that can be summed up like this: attention = money.

Advertisers are willing to pay for your attention, and when they do Rewards Sites like Swagbucks give you a cut of it for giving it. You earn points for giving your attention to Swagbucks, and Swagbucks earns money by putting advertisers in front of it. It’s that simple!

Your First 300 SB ($3) in 30 Minutes or Less

In this complete guide is an example of how I earned 300 SB in 15 minutes. It gives you the exact offers I used to accomplish this, but, you should know that the videos and offers I used then may not be available now, because offers change frequently. I included it in this guide because it gives beginners a breakdown of what kind of offers are done to reach 300 SB quickly. You will find it in the Maximize Your Earnings section in Chapter 3.

The Biggest Problem With Swagbucks

This needs to mentioned very briefly, and towards the top of this guide because it is critical to having a better time using Swagbucks.

The biggest problem with Swagbucks, is also the biggest problem with ALL rewards sites, and that’s browser compatability, ie chrome, firefox, edge, explorer, opera, vivaldi

The web is a big place, and rewards sites work with a lot of partners to bring you the chunk of it that pays. However, it’s an astronomical undertaking to make sure each offer and site feature works with every Web browser and Mobile device on the planet.

To test browsers, I sometimes jump into Opera or Vivaldi, or Firefox, to see if Swagbucks works better in it. Sometimes it doesn’t. Just the other day an offer wouldn’t credit me 10 SB, which was frustrating -and it was because I was using Opera.

I jumped into Chrome, completed the offer again and low and behold, I earned my 10 SB right away.

I tell you this not to scare you away from reward sites altogether, but to give you a friendly heads-up on one of the frustrating aspects that everyone experiences with this corner of the web at some point.

If jumping from browser to browser to complete an offer doesn’t sound like fun to you, then this probably isn’t for you.

But, if you can handle hiccups to earn what many daily swagbucks users consider to be easy, fun money, then continue on!

Chapter 1: Navigation

Know what and where everything is so you can spend less time figuring stuff out and more time earning.

This chapter is focused around getting you familiar with the sites layout and features so you can confidently navigate yourself and never be lost.

There are 2 different navigational elements on swagbucks you will use to get around the site:

  1. The Sidebar
  2. The Navigation Bar

If you have ever used Amazon.com then you may notice it shares a similar layout to what we see here. This layout makes it easy to find what new offers are being featured for each way to earn.


There are several areas within the sidebar you should know about: Earn Your SB, Gift Cards, Contests, To Do List, Personalize, Socialize, Quick Links. We’ll cover each one below, starting at the top.


On SB, these different ways to earn are organized into categories, which are listed in the sidebar. These categories are: Home, Shop, Watch, Answer, Discover, Search, Play. Clicking one will open a page for that category that lists all the available offers in it.

Most of your focus will go here, because this is where the points are. You will want to do a little bit of each, or a lot of one. Discover is one of the best earning categories, with Ncrave and Ngage offers being the best in it. They are easy and interesting.

  • Home – Here you find a bunch offer cards from all categories, suggested by Swagbucks.
  • Shop – You can earn points by shopping online at many online retailers where you get back a fraction of your purchase: usually 1-4%.
  • Watch – Earn points by watching 7 – 30 minute (more or less) video playlists that pay from 1-6 points.
  • Answer – Fill out surveys on a number of topics to earn around 30 or more points.
  • Discover – Mostly has paid and free trials, but also a number of unrelated activities like slideshows and videos you can watch for points, found under partner offers.
  • Search – Get points by using SB’s search bar to browse the web.
  • Play – Download and play games on your android or apple smartphone for points. Some games are web based, but most offers are for smartphones.

These links make it quick for you to access the pages where you buy gift cards or redeem your points for a reward.

  • Buy Gift Cards – When you want to buy a gift card for someone else or yourself, you would go here to do that. Doing so will earn you points, which saves you even more money when you use your gift card. For each card bought, you can earn 2-6% back. It’s like getting a discount at the store.
  • Redeem your SB – This is the place you will always be happy to visit. You can either get yourself a gift card or donate your points to a charity. This page will show you what gift cards you have enough points for, and which ones are on sale. Getting a gift card on sale is an excellent way to get more from your points and save money.
  • Swago – This is a board game where you can earn points for completing patterns. The smallest pattern will earn you 5 points, and the biggest will fetch you a whopping 500. The game is available for a week each month.
  • Sweepstakes – This is where you gamble your points for riches and glory. 25,000 members win sweepstake raffles each month, gambling from 1 point to 50 points for a sweepstakes entry. You could win something or lose all your points here, so be wise. Or don’t. Up to you.

Complete 6 of 8 of your daily to do list and you will earn 1-4 bonus points on top of whatever you earn for the offer cards you complete. Most people will complete the following 6 task items: Daily Poll, Daily Crave, Daily Search, Daily Watch, Daily Discover, Attempt A Gold Survey. The other two require more of an investment of either time or money, but if you are dedicated you can check them off.

  • Daily Poll – Answer a quick poll by clicking the Daily Poll. The polls are always fun and interesting. There’s also a huge archive of all the results for every daily poll for you to get lost in. No points for that though, sorry.
  • Daily Crave – Complete an Ncrave activity to get credit for this. Do this by opening up any Ncrave card you see in the Ncrave section under the Watch category. You can also click the Daily Crave link to have one opened automatically.
  • Daily Search – This one is easy. Simply click the Daily Search in the To Do List and a search will be done automatically for you, using the suggested search term/prhase of the day.
  • Daily Watch – Pick a small 6 minute video playlist to complete this task in the fastest way possible.
  • Daily Discover – You may want to sign up for a trial once a month or so, so to complete this to do list item daily, you will want to check out the free offers in the Trusted Partners section. Each trusted partner will have a Free tab you can select to only display offers that do not require a credit card, like entering your zip code into a search or clicking through a slideshow. RadiumOne has easy free offers.
  • Attempt A Gold Survey – You can check this item off by simply trying a survey, even if you don’t qualify for it.
  • Deal of the Day – You will find lots of offers for products or services you can buy or subscribe to, which will earn you points and also check this item off your list.
  • Complete A Gold Survey – If you can successfully complete a survey you can check this item off and earn a good chunk of points. But, be warned that this is the most difficult task on the list, so you may not be able to complete it, or just give up after a couple rejections, which can be frustrating.

Completing 6 items will earn you over 9 points if you stick to the lower point ones. If you go after the higher paying offers you could get over 15. If anything, you will be using this as a way to get closer to your Daily Goal, which earns you more bonus points.


These links are available to let you quickly customize your experience or update your personal info.

  • Set Interests – You can customize your home page by selecting the offers you wish to see. This way, you can hide the ones you aren’t interested in.
  • My Account – This is where you can go to update your profile with personal information you will later need to enter when you claim a reward.
  • English – Is English not your primary language? If so, this is where you change it.

Keep up with what’s happening by following any of the suggested profiles under the Socialize section in the sidebar. It is a great way to know about special promotions like referral bonuses.

  • Blog – This is where you learn about special promotions and new features like swago. An hourly 1000 SB giveaway is also ran here for anyone that has a profile picture and logged in. So, you may want to keep your eye here for easy points. Definitely worth following.
  • Facebook – You will find gift card deal announcements, and other shopping oriented posts here, but also live videos that feature fun opportunities for earning points, like sharing themed pictures or gifs. This is a great way to be apart of the community.
  • Instagram – Fairly active with lots of promotional images and graphics showcasing deals and special offers. Worth following if you use instagram.
  • Pinterest – There are a handful of pins, with the most interesting ones being infographics on shopping. Might be worth following.
  • Twitter – Updated frequently and one of the best ways to be informed of deals on gift cards. Worth following.
  • YouTube – Not much happening here, but some videos may interest you if you want to see some members. They upload maybe 2-3 times a year, and most of them are promotional videos. Might be worth following.
Quick Links

These links will assist you in learning more about how SB works, and give you quick access to the swagbutton browser extension and other earning opporunities with SB’s smartphone apps.

  • How it Works – This page gives a very quick summary of all the ways to earn on SB.
  • Take the Tour – When last checked, this feature wasn’t working. But we assume it guides you through the different areas of SB, when working.
  • SwagButton – The swagbucks browser extension is helpful in a number of ways. With the browser extension you can ensure you earn points when shopping online at a partnered retailer, because it notifies you.  You’ll get notified of swagcodes, which you can directly enter into the SwagButton Extension. Also, the SB search feature is built in, which makes it faster to use. And you can even use it to quickly watch videos and earn SB. Definitely worth using.
  • Mobile Apps – There are 11 apps in the Swagbucks family that you can earn points through. 4 of these apps are basically extensions of the website, turned into an easy-to-use app. The other 7 are video apps with different themes that give you swagbucks for watching videos. The Google Play Store links to each of these apps can be found here. They are all free.


The navigation bar contains a couple important features. The 3 most important ones are: Swag Code, Daily Goal, User Menu. When clicked a small element known as a “Toggle” drops down and opens up, featuring the contents of the items “toggle”.


Here you see that when the User Menu is clicked a menu opens up. This menu can take you to important areas of your account, where you can see what offers you are earning points from and the status of your redeemed gift cards, as well as the ever important account information page under Settings.

Use navigation bar to find special account areas

  • Activity – Whenever points are earned and added to your account it is logged on this page in sort-able table that lets you sort by Date, Description, and Amount. Referral earnings are shown here too. It’s fun to see who is earning you the most. All points logged here are shown by day. The calendar icon lets you see your earnings for past days. This is a valuable tool tracking daily earnings, but don’t spend too much time here because you should be off earning points instead!
  • Redeem SB – This will take you to the rewards store where you redeem your points for gift cards, charity, or Paypal cash. Try to always get a redemption when it is on sale, because then you get the same reward for less points. This helps you get the most out of your points, which is smart. Paypal cash goes on sale rarely, while different gift cards go on sale daily.
  • Shop Activity – You can see a table summary of all the gift cards you have redeemed over the years. You can see a summary for 30, 60, or 90 days; or select All and see every gift card you have ever redeemed in your accounts lifetime.
  • Swag Ups – Every now and then Swagbucks will throw some special bonuses or bonus-earning opportunities your way, which can be found here. Click one that interests you, and read the description to see if it’s worth pursuing.
  • Gift Cards – This page shows you the gift cards you have received, and when each was sent your way. Since they are digital gift cards, the Sent on date will be the date the gift card was delivered to your email.
  • Order Status – This page has a sortable table of all the redemptions you have made, including non-gift-card redemptions like magazines and charity donations.
  • Referrals – Try not to get too caught up in watching this. Your time is better served earning points yourself, motivating your referrals to earn more, or referring more people.
  • Sweepstake Entries – If you enter any sweepstakes you can find the information on them here, including the winner.
  • Linked Cards – Linking your credit card to your swagbucks account will let you earn points for any Swabgucks Local offer you take advantage off. You can see what card you have linked to SB Local here.
  • Settings – All your personal information is set here. You will need a phone number and address in order to redeem your points for rewards. To protect your personal information, this section is secured with a password verification form.
  • Help – If you have questions or need help, this section may be of assistance. You can find answers to many common questions here, covering a wide range of topics. If you do not find your answer, then you may submit it by clicking “Submit a Request”. You will need to create an account to submit your question.
  • Log Out – If you share your computer with others, and do not want them using your Swagbucks account, it is wise to Log Out when you are done using the site.

Every day a new code is posted to Swagbucks social profiles, that you can then enter into the Swag Code box for bonus points. Swag Codes are usually worth 2-6 points, but as you know every little bit helps. The easiest way to be notified of new Swag Codes is by using the Swagbucks browser extension.

Another code type is called the Stealth Code. This is sometimes posted along with Live videos on Swagbucks Facebook page. With this type of code you would then take the clue you were given to find the code on Swagbucks site. Once found they are redeemable once.


One of the best ways to earn bonus points is by meeting your daily goal. If you meet the bonus every day for the month you get a super bonus of 300 or more points. If you don’t get it every day, that’s fine, there are still other monthly bonuses you can qualify for. Your Daily Goal will start fairly low, at around 40 SB and go higher depending on how much you earn. For instance, if I were to earn 280 SB a couple days in a row my Daily Goal would most likely be above 200. This is done to motivate you to be consistent with your earnings.

The breakdown for Monthly Bonuses is below:

  • 7 Day Star – Earn 25 SB Bonus
  • 14 Day Fanatic – Earn 100 SB Bonus
  • 21 Day Triumph – Earn 200 SB Bonues
  • 28 Day Monthly Master – Earn 300 SB Bonus

The highest days in a row you achieve your Daily Bonus will determine the Monthly Bonus you will get. Currently, 300 SB is the absolute maximum amount of Monthly Bonus you can get.


A special link can be found here, that you can use to send to your friends, and anyone that clicks through that link and signs up for swagbucks will be become a referral. For each referral you can earn 300 points when they earn 300 points, and an awesome 10% of their earnings for life. This is the most passive way to earn points.


Inside of Swagbucks you can find what is called the Inbox, which has all the promotional emailings SB has ever sent you displayed neatly in a table. It gives you another way outside of your email to stay on top of opportunities.

Chapter 2: Points

How to earn points by watching videos, browsing the web, taking surveys, and referring friends; and then redeem them for rewards.

First, let’s get one of the biggies out of the way, and show you how much an SB is worth. Here’s a handy graphic to show you this.

Now you see that 1 SB is worth .01, which is a single penny in U.S. currency. This makes it easy to determine the dollar value of your points.

Redeem Your Points

You can get a variety of gift cards with SB points. Gift cards are available for amounts totaling $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $250. The selection for cards valued at $3, $20, $75, $250 are limited. Paypal is available for amounts totaling $25, $50, $100, $250.

Go on a shopping spree at these retail stores, online and off. Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Petco, Sears, JCPenney, Babies R Us, The Childrens Place, Dell, Boscov’s, Kmart, BabyGap, Fatboy, Amazon, eBay, American Eagle Outfitters, Overstock, Nike, Hot Topic, Gap, EXPRESS, Foot Locker, Zappos, Lane Bryant, Lands’ End, Burlington Coat Factory, Adidas, Aerie, Banana Republic, Lord & Taylor, Athleta, Columbia, Sunglass Hut, NFLShop, NASCAR Superstore, QVC, STOCKPILE, Brookstone.

Get something to eat or drink. Starbucks, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, Papa John’s, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Red Lobster, The Cheesecake Factory, Restaurant.com, LongHorn Steakhouse, T.G.I Friday’s, Burger King, Safeway, Darden Options, Landry’s, Rainforest Cafe, On The Border, IHOP, Omaha Steaks, Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s, Boston Market, California Pizza Kitchen, Yard House, Bahama Breeze, Claim Jumper, McCormick & Schmicks, Krispy Kreme, Cold Stone, Steak n’ Shake, Buca di Beppo, Coffee Bean, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s, bloomin’ Brands, Legal Sea Foods, Lobster Gram, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Morton’s, The Popcorn Factory, Seasons 52.

Video games and digital goods. Steam, Google Play, Facebook Game Card, Sony Playstation Store, iTunes, League of Legends, Rixty Online, Microsoft Xbox Live, Jagex RuneScape, Verizon Data Voucher, Google Play, AT&T Mobile Data Rewards.

Gas for your car. ExxonMobil, Sunoco, Chevron, Jiffy Lube, ARCO PumpPASS,
Health: CVS, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, SpaFinder, Spa & Wellness, Red Door Spa.

Stuff for your home. The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Magazine Gold Card Code, Staples, Shutterfly, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, 1-800-Flowers, Rosetta Stone, Microsoft Office 365 1-yr subscription, Fatboy, CanvasPop, 1-800-Pet Supplies

Entertainment for everyone. Here are some: Groupon, Disneyland Resort eTicket, GameStop, AMC Theaters, Regal Entertainment Group, Hulu, Redbox, Barnes & Noble, Guitar Center, Pandora, Magazines.com, REI, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Golf Galaxy, Champs Sports, Callaway.

Travel: Uber, Southwest Airlines, Hotels.com, Delta Airlines, Hotel Card, Celebrity Cruises.

Money: Virtual MasterCard, Paypal.

That’s a lot! And each and every day different ones go on sale for anywhere between 2-20%. Your first gift card redemption (excluding Paypal) comes with a 12% of discount.

I hope this list gives you lots of creative ideas on what to use your rewards for. You are not limited to just Paypal payments, and in many cases it makes more sense to redeem your points for gift cards, especially when they are on sale.

Many people will just go for paypal, but I think it’s a mistake. You don’t get the most out of your points. It makes more sense to get gift cards on sale so you can save on the stuff you buy everyday – like food and gas. You will get way, way more out of your points doing this than just paypal payments.

Get Creative on What You Redeem Your Points for:

  • Birthday gifts for friends and family (Amazon)
  • Gas for roadtrip or work (Shell)
  • Plane Tickets for vacation when you gotta go (Spirit)
  • Video Games and Movies when you need entertainment (Redbox)
  • Fast food when you are on the go (Burger King)
  • Food for your fridge (Walmart)

There are a huge list of things we buy at full price throughout the year. Make a list of all of it and where you buy it from so you can nab a discounted gift card for those stores when they are on sale. This is a great way to save 2-20% on purchases you make each year!

And don’t forget -each month you can get an automatic 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption. This excludes PayPal. This means you get a $25 gift card for 2200 SB’s, and can keep 300 to use for other rewards. That’s $3 bucks for other stuff!

In most cases 1 SB = .01, but sometimes it can be worth as much as .0112 when a gift card is on sale, which even though is a tiny fraction of a penny more, can add up the more you spend.

To find what cards are on sale, head to swagbucks.com/rewards-store/onsale. This page lists all the gift cards on sale, along with how much SB they cost and the percent off that represents.

At 2% off the points you spend will be worth .0102 rather than .0100. At 75% of your points are essentially worth .0175 versus .0100. You get more out of your points when you get gift cards on sale, so it’s smart to take advantage of these offers when they are available.

For example, I know I eat a lot of pizza in a month. WHy not save money on it by redeeming 4000 SB for a $50 dominos card that basically means I get $10 free….
How? Well 4000 SB is worth $40, but when I redeem it for this card I get $50. That means that rather than my SB being worth a penny (.01) each, they actually jump up to being worth .0120.

I spend 4000 SB to get $50 in pizza, and I have 1000 I can then put into a $10 paypal payment. I just made $10 & $50 in pizza! Rather than pay 5000 SB out into a $50 paypal payment, I put it into different things to get $60 in total buying power.

That’s pure magic. The stuff dreams are made of.

Anytime you can get an offer that will get you more $ out of your SB’s you win.
Plus, Dominos has a rewards program, where each order over $10 is worth 10 points, and once 60 points is reached I can redeem a free medium two-topping pizza.

Had I been a normal person, I would have spent $60 on pizza to get that free pizza. With this card I only spend $10 out of pocket… thanks to that $50 card I got free from swagbucks.

If you eat pizza like a normal american, you may want to opt to save even more by getting a Dominos card.

You’ll stretch your money further, and chalk up a win for your pocket book.

And you’ll get pizza! Guilt free pizza is the best.

When you see a gift card is 12% off, you can view it as your swagbucks being worth 12% more than usual. I think this is a more helpful way of thinking about it, because it reflects how much you are getting out of your points.

Redeem Your Bonus Points

When you earn a monthly bonus, you will receive an email and a notice in your Swagbucks account, telling you that the bonus is ready for you to claim. Click one of those links to have your bonus added to your account.

Earn Points

Watch videos to earn points. Find on home page and swagbucks.com/watch

Watch Videos

Some of the videos will disappear as the the day goes on, with the best ones disappearing first. You often find the ones that don’t work left, so it’s best to get the watch out of the way the beginning of the day versus the end.

When doing this activity for the to-do list, I like to launch the unruly or Binocular girl, to maximize my time. Later on in this guide we will talk more about batching offers.

3 windows at a time is doable. 4 works sometimes, but not always, and usually results in videos repeating themselves. Every now and then if you are running too many playlists at the same time you will get a notification suggesting you to slow down, or you may have to repeat videos. This is why I do 3 videos max, each in their own window. Make sure each window is in view. I do this by resizing them to fit on the screen.

It also helps that I have a super fancy computer monitor that auto-sizes windows for me. But more on that later… let’s get back to how to earn SB’s watching videos.

Always start with the short playlists, because they are easy points, and are the first to disappear. Playlists sometimes “Get Away”, and are removed because either they don’t work or they fulfilled their views.

If you run 3 windows, try to watch playlists the same length, so you have an idea of when to pick new ones to watch. You will want to pick a new one, otherwise all of your windows will end up playing the same playlist, which you do not get credit for repeating playlists.

It can sometimes help to click the Watch Next button that displays between videos, partly because it saves you time, and partly because sometimes the next video will not load. And sometimes you will have to refresh the page altogether to keep the playlist going. Though, when this happens it usually is a sign the video won’t credit due to a technical issue.

Sponsored Videos

There are two awesome offers I highly recommend you take advantage of that are displayed in the Watch section, because they too have videos for you to watch. What’s better about these though, is you get 2 SB faster than any video playlist available in the Watch section. Usually 3 minutes is all it takes to earn 2 SB, which is way better than 15-20 minutes!

In many of the forums online discussing Swagbucks, the sponsored video offers have been nicknamed after the pictures they have. You’ll get a kick out of these!

Binocular Girl

This service is made available by HyperMX, which is an offer created by Swagbucsk parent company Prodege. It is a click through offer that has both videos and normal web content for viewing. You wait for the timer to reach zero and then click next to navigate through all the pages in the playlist. It’s an easy 2 SB that can be completed 24/7 when available. However, it does disappear time-to-time, so be sure to take advantage of it when it’s available. I try to go for 100 SB, which is 50 completions of it. This is easy to do if you break down your sessions into a couple times ad ay, to make it easier. Do 10 in a row 5 times a day and you’ll have 50 completions.

Unruly Laptop Guy

This is a new offer that launched in January 2018. So far there are 5 videos to watch, for a total of 5 SB. This can be repeated every 24 hours. When you have completed all the videos, you will see a notice “Limit one award per video per 24 hrs. Error #0” displayed below the video. This indicates you are done.


When you have the opportunity to view these, you take it! This is my favorite way to earn points because they have lots of great content on them, covering many categories. There’s something for everyone. It’s like you are earning points for browsing the web, which is probably why I like it so much, because that’s what I enjoy doing in my free time. To get the most out of this offer, you can choose between a couple cards.

Simultaneous – This card lets you view other ncrave cards at the same time. You should run one of these while running another ncrave. If you have a widescreen monitor then this is a great way to maximize your ncrave.

Autodiscovery – Long offers can run 24/7 without interruption. This is a good one to run on your machine after you’ve done all your other daily activities and need a break from clicking. This can run without you touching it, and while it works to about 1 sb every 25 minutes, it adds up, and is a way to earn when you are beat from the rewards hustle.

Playlist – This is a fixed playlist that will credit after you go through the pages offered. It does not start a new playlist and will close out when you complete it. These usually will earn you 4 sb, and should be the first ones you do alongside the simultaneous one, because they can disappear at any time.

It is a good strategy to complete the fixed playlists alongside the simultaneous one. After finishing that you would then move on to the auto-discovery ones, till the only ones left are the 24/7 ones, which you would run last, and overnight if you can.

Shop Online

If you are a big spender, there are a ton of SB’s for you to make. However, not everyone will want to spend money to make SB, because that would be like spending more than you are earning.

But, chances are, you will spend money online this year, and when you do, you should use swabgucks.com/shop!

On the Shop page you will see a banner at the top of all the featured offers for the day. These are featured because they are popular, or they have high point per dollar earnings.

Point per dollar is something displayed on each offer card. It will be Earn up to 3 SB per $1. Sometimes the offer will be 7, or even 8 SB per dollar – which is great because it’s like getting a free coupon for your purchase without having to find one. It makes shopping online a lot more rewarding!

Also on the Shop page are Local Deals. These are deals in your local area that are on Groupon and Living Social. These are local deal sites where businesses offer you discounted packages for their goods or services. You can find deals for hair cuts, skydiving, sushi, hotels, and other activities.

See swagbucks.com/shop/deals/local to see what’s near you.

Grabbing deals on Groupon through Swagbucks shop is a great way to save even more on an already discounted offer. If you love to try new things, this is a great way to save doing so.

Another worthy offer worth noting is Choice Hotels. If you travel a lot, or want an excuse to start, then choice hotels is an affordable option for finding budget rooms for $30-$49 a night.

You can add Stores to your Favorites by clicking the red heart icon. This features the stores offers on your Shop page.

This is the kind of deal we like to take advantage of, because 7% cash back on top of an already affordable booking is too good of a deal to pass up. You can get 7% cash back on your first booking, and then register for Choice Hotels VIP program to get a free stay your 5th night.

Now you have no excuse to take that vacation!

And finally, the last part of this section will be about special promotions. Swagbucks always has some kind of holiday or special promo going on to encourage you to buy buy buy. Of course, you don’t have to spend to earn SB’s, but sometimes it just makes sense -especially when its for something you would otherwise purchase anyway.

Holidays we all typically buy things over include Christmas and Valentines. Over these holidays you will see a banner at the top of the site advertising the promotion. This is one that popped up in 2018 before Valentines Day.

You can find Holiday promotions by clicking the Holiday Shopping link in the sidebar, or click the banner. This will take you to a special page that displays holiday promotions two ways. The first way is the usual card style you see everywhere on the site. Each card shows how much more you can earn during the promotion compared to non-promotion days.

Below this you will find a convenient table listing all the offers available, along with how much more you earn compared to before. I like browsing the table because I don’t always purchase at the most popular places.

And here we have covered everything there is on earning SB by shopping! Now it’s time to learn about searching, which can be used daily, and for free. BUT, and this is a big but: it doesn’t always earn you SB! Booooooo, I know! Let’s see why.


It’s nice to earn an extra SB searching the internet. It makes sense to benefit from an activity I already do.

There are several ways to get quick access to the search feature on any of your devices. 2 are on the website, 2 are browser extensions you install for free, and 2 are available to android mobile devices -so you can use it on the go.

The first 4 are relevant for PC and Laptop use. While the last 2 are strictly for mobile android devices.

(Website) Swagbucks Search Bar – It’s always staring you right in the face -the search bar that is! You know it’s in the Navbar of the site, which puts it prominently on every page of the site, which ensures it is always within reach -when you are on the website.

(Website) Swagbucks Search Page – Visit search.swagbucks.com and keep that tab open to use whenever you need to search something. When on your computer or laptop, right click the tab that you have opened the search page in, and click “pin tab. This sticky the smartphones and tablets.

Enter your search into the Search and Earn bar, and click the search glass, or hit Enter on your keyboard. This pulls up a page similar to one you’d find after doing a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo -being most similar to Yahoo.

Every now and then a search will earn you SB. This happens randomly. Some people report every 3 searches earning them SB, but I think this is from the daily search. If you use the search frequently, I think a more realistic number is 1 out of every 20 searches yield SB.

The good news is the Daily Search earns you 1 SB no matter what (1 SB a day), but can earn you additional points, like it did for me below.

No matter what, I try to do 3 or more searches a day, regardless of if I earn or not. I do not recommend using the search till you get points, because you will waste your time. Instead, you should use it like a normal search bar — at random times during the day and for different searches. This is because it is more of a lottery than it is a consistent way to earn SB every day.

(Browser) SwagButton ExtensionGet here. This is a Chrome Browser Extension that offers easy access to the search bar and other features. You can shop, search, get swag codes, and even watch videos through it for points. It’s basically a pocket sized version of SB right in your browser toolbar.

(Browser) Swagbucks Search ExtensionGet here. Another Chrome Browser Extension, but it is strictly limited to the search bar. You can use either or, but there is no reason to use both extensions.

(Mobile) Swagbucks AppGet here. This app has a search button inside it. You can still use the website on your mobile devices, but limited features are made available. To get more features on your mobile device, you will want to use the App, which includes the SB search.

(Mobile) Swabgucks Search Widget – The App mentioned above comes with a search widget, which you can drag and drop onto your devices home screen for fast searching. If you use a mobile device, using the widget is the fastest way to use Swagbucks search.

Just remember to use the search exactly how you would a normal search engine.

Partner Offers

A whole slew of 3rd party offers make their home in the Special Offers section of Discover. These are offers from outside providers that have partnered with Swagbucks to give you other ways to earn.

Sometimes, they offer things that Swagbucks does, for less points or for more. For instance, take the game Neverwinter I mentioned above. That exact same offer is also offered by RadiumOne’s Offer Wall -but for almost $3 less!

Ouch! You may start to think these Offerwalls are a pretty bad deal… but here’s the thing…

Sometimes they pay more!

That’s right. Sometimes the same offer Swagbucks is offering is tucked away in one of these Offerwalls, and will earn you more -if you are willing to find it!

They are always a quick find, and you can open up each wall into it’s own browser tab in your browser to double check if a offer you are about to try is the highest paying one.

Later on in this chapter you will get to see an example of this, but before we get to that there’s more you need to know about Offerwalls.

OfferWall Promotions

Every now and then you’ll see popups or banners promoting things like this:

While it may look like Swagbucks is promoting another website for you to visit to complete offers on, that isn’t the case. As I mentioned above, Revenue Universe is just one of the providers of OfferWalls that Swagbucks uses to bring you more ways to earn SB.

Opening Tickets

If you have any problems with not being credited for an offer you complete on a 3rd party’s Offer Wall, you will have to use the Support links found on every Offer Wall page, to inform them about it.

This does happen from time to time, but there is certainly one type of offer it happens most frequently with. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of how it operates. Once you know how it operates you will probably want to stay away from it, that is, unless you enjoy opening tickets. 🙂

I will say that a good rule to follow is that the more details provided, the better your chances are of getting points without having to hassle with support.
And on the opposite side of this point -it’s those darn pesky vague ones you can get in trouble with. Here is a scale you can use to vet offers.

More details = Better
Few details, little points = Okay
Few details, high points = Sketchy

Usually 🙂

This offer has few details and high points, but also falls under another category – the too good-to-be-true category.

I don’t know anyone that has gotten a $500 gift card simply by entering information. If they did, believe me, everyone would hear about it.

There’s a good chance you’ll be clicking through thousands of pages, pulled into an offer-loop, where the goal is for you to either complete an offer you won’t receive SB for, or abandon it and leave forever.

These deals usually start out with you simply entering your email address and submitting it. After that, it’s likely you will have to fight your way through the offer-loop to get to the end and get your SB.

The possibilities are this:

A) You reach the end and get credit
B) You never reach the end because there is no end
C) You reach the end and do not get credit

In any case, 2 of the 3 outcomes will result in you not getting credit, and only one counts as a legitimate reason to open a ticket. The odds are against you with this one, my friend.

So, now you are wondering, what offers should you do?

You should try the ones that ask you to:

  • Enter your zip code
  • Enter a search
  • Register for a site
  • Visit a site and click through it
  • Watch a video
  • Install an app
  • Print coupons

These have been the winners for me, and they are all free -which brings me to the next tip I’m about to give you.

Free Offers

Each OfferWall has a tab dedicated to showing only Free offers. I like to check out this tab because when I want to earn SB, I like to do it without spending money.
My preferred OfferWalls are RadiumOne and Peanut Labs. I just like them, because between the two they have what I am looking for.

On RadiumOne there are a good amount of easy, free offers. I usually do about 15 SB worth before moving on to Peanut Labs, where I complete higher paying offers like surveys and installs.

This is something Peanut Labs is great for – surveys. If you noticed, it isn’t on the list above, and that’s because some of the offers on other OfferWalls pretend to be surveys, and instead are elaborate offer-loops.

The OfferWalls with the best survey opportunities are Peanut Labs and Revenue Universe, which lists surveys in a category called Studies. Because I saw a promotion was running for Revenue Universe for double the points, I will definitely see what survey opportunities are they before taking any on Peanut Labs.

If you log into your Swagbucks account and find that a promotion is running for peanut labs or revenue universe, I would definitely suggest attempting surveys on either of them for extra points.

To finish this section of the chapter, let’s give you a better idea of what each OfferWall has to offer.


Some of the higher paying trials can be found here. To complete trial offers you will need to sign up using your real personal information along with a valid credit card. Over the holidays there are plenty of great seasonal offers to be found here, which are highlighted in bright colors. There are 327 Offers at the time of this writing.

Notable Offers

Hulu – If you want to give Hulu a try, or reacivate your account as a returning subscriber, you can earn 2100 SB doing so. With this offer you will earn more than you spend —a good deal more.

Turbotax – Before you do your taxes, check out Trialpays offer on this popular software for a chance to earn SB doing your taxes with this helpful filing tool.

Seasonal Gifts – Check for specials over holidays to save on gifts you would otherwise purchase at the store for full price. You can get a special someone something fun this year, and earn SB for it. It’s Win-win.

Games – You’ll have the chance to earn SB playing facebook games like Island Experiment. Most of the game offers require you to reach level 10 to earn SB. There are several smartphone apps you can download to and earn SB just by installing. Not much -usually 2-3 SB, sometimes 10.

Best Categories

Games and Entertainment – Lots of games you can play, both desktop and smartphone, and earn SB from. There are typically requirements you need to meet like reaching level 10 in the game.

Free – Loads of free offers for you to earn SB from.

Revenue Universe

Has surveys, clicks, and trials. There are 85 offers at the time of this writing.

Notable Offers

Unlimited Surveys – at the top of the page is a card featuring unlimited survey opportunities for 46 SB, titled: Get rewarded for every survey you take! This is a true staple on RU’s offerwall.

Coupons – Earn 6 SB by selecting 25 coupons and then printing them. You can save the paper and print it to a pdf and still get credit.

Tripping – This one’s For 3 SB, and all you have to do is enter your zip code and search for a vacation listing. Easy!

Newsletter – Subscribe to a newsletter and confirm your email for an easy 8 SB.

Best Categories

No CC – All the offers found above, with the exception of the Unlimited Surveys one can be found in this tab. They should be free. I do however see one that technically isn’t. A goof maybe?

Studies – Some surveys you can do when you need to try something other than Peanut Labs or surveys in the Answer section of Swagbucks. The featured survey pays 46 SB and can be repeated as many times. It will connect you with new survey opps with each completion. It is best done when you have ran out of higher paying ones.


Has content discovery, registrations, trials, videos and more. This is one of the best sources for easy click-and-earn type offers we all love. There are over 100 offers at the time of this writing.


Find at swagbucks.com/discover/offer-walls/140/offertoro.

Notable Offers

VideoLab – This is a content discovery style offer, which means it is similar to the offers in the sponsored videos section of Swagbucks. It is a slow earner, that will give you 1 SB every 15 minutes -sometimes longer. But, it is passive, which makes it an easy way to earn SB without doing anything.

Egageme.tv – A hugely popular video offer that has a place in many rewards sites, all of which pay differently. It is semi-passive, and pays 1 SB every 9 minutes or so. This is a good offer to run on a spare laptop if you have one, and can be run 24/7 provided there are enough ads to available.

Peanut Labs

I use Peanut labs because it has a ton of surveys that I have an easier time qualifying for than survers in the Swagbucks Answers section. Because of this it is my #1 go-to for when I want to earn with surveys.

I decided to list notable offers on each OfferWall because I felt it gives an idea of what can be found. However they can disappear and so you may not find them when you check for yourself. There will in most cases be a similar offer available.

There are other OfferWalls, but the ones I covered above are in my mind, the best.

Other OfferWalls:

  • Adgate Media
  • AdsendMedia
  • SuperRewards
  • Acorn

Play Games

Swagbucks has 3 games you can earn points by playing directly on their website. Don’t expect to earn much, but they do make it easier to reach your Daily Goal. Every little bit helps!

You won’t find free games on the Games page, other than the Swagbucks ones. The rest are offers for which you can earn points by putting money into usually slot style app games. Most people won’t use these, as they cost real money.

The Discover page has game offers on it that are free. These pay quite well, and usually come with a level completion requirement that must be met to earn points. For instance, below are 2 actual games featured in the Play Games and Earn tab of Home page that you could earn a total of 6.25 from -all from playing free games!

These games, Neverwinter and War Thunder are PC games you can download for free and play. They use promotions on rewards sites to pickup new players, in hopes they will purchase in-game upgrades. These are known as Freemium games, because they are free to play but have premium upgrades available if you want. You won’t need any upgrades to earn swagbucks.

You will find a lot of android games (the example above is a computer game) you can earn SB from playing, with similar level requirements too. These are scattered around on the Discover page and on Partner offerwalls. Check the Discover page first, becuase sometimes the same offer is listed both there and on Partner offerwalls, but with less pay. For example, The computer game Neverwinter offer is also featured in PeanutLabs offerwall, but for 300 points less than the one on the Discover page! The same thing happens with android games.

Answer Surveys

Between Swagbucks Answers section, Peanut Labs, and Revenue Universe, you will have plenty of surveys to fill your time with. If you want to earn more, then surveys are one of the best ways. Make sure you take advantage of all these sections.

Peanut Labs – The best place in my opinion to find surveys you can complete.
Revenue Universe – The Studies tab will list surveys. Once you finish the higher paying ones (that you qualify for) you can click the first survey card that can be completed unlimited times and credits 46 SB per completed survey. The higher paying ones can be for those with specific occupations. I see survey opportunities for Nurses, Landscapers, and other professionals. Make sure you qualify before you attempt a survey, otherwise you will not be credited, or worse -canned because you gave false information. Some of the qualifiers have both age and income requirements, like: people in their 30’s with an income of $125,000. Interesting, right?


After seeing the different ways you can earn, you may decide you will only use a couple regularly. For example, I rarely do surveys, so I opted to not have it featured on my home page.

After selecting your preferred ways to earn, your home page will change to feature them at the top. It is important to note that this only changes what offers are shown on your accounts home page. You will still be able to navigate to a non-preferred offer category by clicking it in the sidebar.

PRO TIP: Daily Poll

Sometimes the best offer for the day is found featured on the Daily Poll page. When you submit the poll you will be taken to a page that shows the results. Featured next to the Daily Poll’s results is a box with a offer that can be found on the Discover page. The offers here are usually good, and can save you the hassle of having to even browse the Discover page for a good offer to finish that day. For instance, here we see a solid 150 SB point offer is featured next to this daily poll. This is definitely an offer I would do because it takes less time than a survey to complete and for as much points.

Earn Bonus Points

First, set your profile picture in the Settings section. Then, watch SB’s Blog to see if you win the hourly drawing. You need to stay logged in and have a profile picture in order to win the drawing. This shouldn’t be relied on though. Other than this, there’s really only one other way to earn without doing ‘anything’.

You can earn a monthly bonus by reaching your daily goals. If you reach it, you will get both an email notifying you to claim it, and the site will also show you an alert to claim it. Click either of the alert to collect it.

Earn From Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to earn from Swagbucks. There are two ways they earn you points. First, is the 300 SB bonus, which is is given to you when they earn their first 300 SB. Second, you get 10% of their earnings for life -which is absolutely awesome!

But, not all referrals are created equal. In fact, one of the biggest tips I can give you is to focus on referring people that will actually use the site. I say this because you can spend a lot of time working for referrals only to earn about 25 bucks or so, when you really should be earning more!

My example for this goes back to my early days with Swagbucks, where I was gung-ho about getting a massive amount of referrals. I did this by recommending Swagbucks to others in my favorite hobby at the time, as a way to earn free gear.

It worked, in that I amassed over 600 referrals… but, sadly, I never earned much. Why? Because they never used it!

The lesson here is to focus on referring the kinds of people that will benefit the most from Swagbucks. These are normally stay at home moms and people that want to make money from home.

Try these ideas to get referrals:

  • Refer Friends & Family – Ask your family and friends to sign up using your link.
  • Social Media – Join groups (if possible) and create original posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Steemit, and Reddit.
  • Get Active on Forums – Become a free member on Parenting, Hobbies, Offbeat, or Make Money community forums, and create threads that detail how you use Swagbucks, and how it may benefit them.
  • Post to Content Hubs – Create original content about making money online from home on sites like Hubpages and Listly.
  • Help Out on Answer Sites – Use Quora, Yahoo Answers, and answer peoples questions about making money online, and include your referral link.
  • Email Signature – Add your referral link to all your email signatures, so every email you send out includes it.
  • Start a Blog – Use Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress. Post about how you are using swagbucks and become active on others blogs.
  • Self Publish – Write a small digital book about Swagbucks and post it to Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.

Now that you have some ideas, lets get you your referral link. A referral link is a special link that has tracking features, which enables you to earn from anyone that joins Swabgucks after clicking it. Head over to swagbucks.com/invite to find your referral link, and some helpful tools.

On this page there are banners and graphics you can post to your social media profiles, to refer your friends. It’s up to them though if they want to join, so if you do share one of the banners, be sure to include a personal touch that tells them how you use it and what you use your points for. This makes your post sound more authentic and original.

found on Swagbucks.com/invite

You can also use the email tool to have your referall link sent to friends emails. Make sure you add a custom message to make it authentic. It helps.

found on swagbucks.com/inviteAt the bottom of the page is your referral link. You can click the “Copy Link” button to have it saved to your devices clipboard, and paste it wherever you want it to have it posted to.  Next to this box are social share buttons that you can use to have it posted to a social profile of yours.

Chapter 3: Tips

Best practices and tips for getting the most out of Swagbucks. What to do and what to avoid.

Maximize Your Earnings

As with anything online, it does take some work to get a heaping amount of rewards from Swagbucks. But, there certainly is a smart way to go about using the site that will maximize your rewards earnings without much extra work on your part! Work smart!

Tip #1 – Meet Your Daily Goals

You will need to dedicate some time to this every day if you want the most out of it. Daily progress is key on SB because you are rewarded for meeting daily goals, which throw a couple hundred extra SB’s your way at the end of the month. With each daily goal you meet, an extra 5-10% of points is added to that day’s points. This adds up. If you turn this into a daily habbit and meet your daily Goals, you will be rewarded with the monthly bonus, and earn more, without much work.

Tip #2 – Take Advantage of Swag Ups

Swag ups are somewhat elusive little bonuses that secretly hide in your accounts Swag Ups page. They hide there because they are pure gold and are too good to be kept out in the open. Okay, maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration: I just want to make the point that you should be using them! Activating a swag ups is absolutely free, and can increase the amount of points you earn from an activity, without any extra work on your part. Use them when before they expire and when you know you have the time to fully utilize them.

TIP #3 – Batch Similar Offers

Best practices and tips for getting the most out of Swagbucks. What to do and what to avoid. This tip rarely gets talked about, and yet it is one of the best tips out there because its a killer tip to practice in life too.

Batching is how you turn one task into many. It helps you get more out of your time by grouping similar tasks, and doing them at the same time.

300 SB in 15 Minutes (EXAMPLE) – With Swagbucks, the best example I can give the power of batching, is this quick routine I used to earn $3 bucks in 15 minutes. Here’s what I did.

300 SB in 15 minutes was possible because I grouped similar activities together, which I then did at once.

With practice you will be able to batch activities and complete them faster and faster. But, it takes practice in both completing offers and in recognizing which ones to batch together.

TIP #4 – Make Sure You Get Credit

Sometimes you can watch an entire playlist and not get credit, which is frustrating. You put in the time and electricity to watch it, so you should get what you are owed!

This is where too many people give up, because they are unwilling to take a teeny tiny step out of the way to make sure they get their credits.

The first way we make sure we got our credits, is by opening a support ticket and sending a quick screenshot of the offer and problem.

I recommend attaching a screenshot to your support tickets because visual aids make it easier to describe the problem. To take a screenshot simply hit the Prt Sc key on your keyboard. Have the screenshot show the playlist you watched and did not get credit for. Then include a short message like: “Help! I watched this playlist and did not get credit.”

But! Make sure you are sending support requests when you really need to.

What I mean by this is:

  1. Monitor your Activity Log. Some credits are instant, while others take 15 minutes or even as much as 48 hours or more. Coupons take a long time to credit. When you monitor your activity log you can watch your instant credits. Keep your own list of stuff you are doing so you know which ones you should be credited for.
  2. Keep a list of activities you haven’t been credited for. In a list, you should write down the title of the activity and where you found it, if you didn’t recieve credit like you should. A spreadsheet works best for this. I like to use google docs because it is quick to open and saves automatically, which means I don’t have to remember to save it, which is nice because it saves time.
  3. Wait till the end of the day to send your ticket. If you do this you can save time by only sending 1 email with all your credit requests versus 12. Double check you are sending the ticket to the right place. Not every request should go to swagbucks. Any partner offer you haven’t been credited for should go directly to them, and not swagbucks. Sending requests to sb for offers they have no control over will result in them telling you to send the request to the Partner, which wastes your time. Make sure you are sending your ticket to the right place.

TIP #5 – Stick With it

I do not see this often, but the ones that do this, I see earning as much as 20 a day.

So many people bail ship too quickly. They jump ship and swim off to another rewards site in search of more.

But… they rarely ever find it. And it’s because they simply do not want to do anything to earn. They are lazy, and don’t want to put the time in required to reap the rewards.

With other sites too, like mturk, you will have to put in time to get offered better stuff. If you show you are a good member, you get rewarded by getting the better offers reserved only for good members.

The ones that use all of swagbucks, and do so regularly, have a better experience than the ones that dip in every other week.

Swagbucks is built for engagement. They want you to use all of it, and not just stick to one section. You should never rely on just one offer for earning all your SB. If you do, don’t be surprised if it disappears.

Swagbucks puts a lot of effort into trying to get you to do a little bit of everything.

In the next section we cover what features swagbucks has put in place to encourage your use of all its features.

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

Be prepared. Here we will talk about common errors you will encounter, and answer any questions you have.

Errors You May Encounter

This popped up after clicking the daily polls bonus link

Your Questions and Answers

Have a question that hasn’t been answered yet? Ask it here and I’ll do my best to answer it. And so you know: your questions are made public to help everyone, as is my answer.

How safe is Swagbucks

Every now and then a pesky, ill-intended redirect finds its way into a Partner offer. These offers are coming from Partners, and are not under control of Swagbucks. I have never gotten a virus, but you can sometimes find yourself on an annoying page with loads of popups warning you of a fake virus or malware. Just close these pages and move on. Swagbucks is safe but you should be aware that sometimes an offer in the Partners section can lead to a page with bad redirects.

How to quit Swagbucks?

At any time, and for any reason, you may deactivate your account. Go to your Settings page. Underneath the profile picture element is the Delete My Account link in red, which you can use to delete your account and quit Swagbucks. Before doing this, be certain this is what you really want to do. It’s one thing to know you are done using it and won’t need it anymore, and another to be frustrated because something isn’t loading and you are pressed for time. You don’t want to have to start over again with a new account because you had too much caffeine and were irritable.

How to sign up for Swagbucks?

The home page has the registration form, so head on over there and fill out all the fields. All it takes to sign up is an Email address and a password. You should use an active and current Email that you check frequently and can log into. Your password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for your own security.

How to get Swagbucks without doing anything?

The only way to 100% passively earn points daily is by having referrals that earn them for you. You earn 10% of your referrals earnings, so if they earn 300 in a day you will earn 30. Have 1000 referrals that earn that in a day and you will earn 3000 SB. The total for that? $30, from doing nothing. Now, of course it’s not that easy. You will need to work to get those referrals. Don’t trust anything that says you can earn without doing anything. Those people are liars.

How to hack Swagbucks?

The internet already has trust issues. And you want to make it worse? Don’t, unless you want to lose your account (and be a bad net-citizen!). Automating your account in any way will get it closed and you banned for life. Automation means using bots and web based scripts like javascript or python to click, refresh, or load Swagbucks so that you don’t have to yourself. Further, automation that removes manual interaction hurts earnings for all of us in the long run, not just you. Other forms of “hacks” include setting up faux accounts as referrals under yourself which brings us to the question below.

Can I refer myself, and a ton of fake accounts?

You find this in youtube comments and forums from users that see dollar signs and want to become the Pablo Escobar of rewards sites. They scheme up ways to use VPN’s and Proxies (anonymity tools), thinking they can use them to create tons of fake referrals, which they control to earn points so their primary account can get a referral bonus. They think they can turn a $60/month reward site into a $600/month one by gaming the system -and they are wrong. Proxies and VPN’s are easily detected, and will result in termination of your accounts. All referrals must be unique, real people. If you create fake accounts under yourself using scrupulous measures you will most likely find yourself banned for life.

How to claim Swagbucks on taxes?

I can only tell you what some people do, because I am not a tax expert. But, most people claim their Swagbucks earnings as Personal Income when filing their taxes. Many also choose to only claim their earnings if their total for the tax-year is greater than $600. Some will even factor in electricity costs to avoid overpaying for taxes. However, tracking electricity cost is tricky, so it is more reserved for advanced users.

Congratulations, You Are Now a Swagbucks Pro


You just read the only swagbucks tutorial you will ever need to read. It gave you everything you need to know about earning points on this fun rewards site.

Before we part ways, I want to take you through a quick summary of what you learned.

This guide gave you a table breakdown of what it takes to earn $3 by doing simple tasks like watching videos, searching, and browsing the web -all on swagbucks.

And if you have your eyes set on making more, you were given strategies for taking your earnings even further doing bigger activities like taking surveys through Swagbucks themselves and the 3rd party provider -Peanut Labs.

Then, just when you thought it was over, you got highly prized information on how to get referrals to take your earnings to the next level. You also got to see the difference between active vs passive referrals, and why quality matters more than quantity.

Even if you are an experienced GPT (get paid to) user, I hope you got a lot out of this guide. A lot of what I do has been learned myself, through testing, and I hope the unique tips I sprinkled throughout share with you that I know can help.

Stay Tuned For Updates

This is version #1 of the Swagbucks guide. I intend to make a lot of new updates and additions after feedback starts rolling in, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to get notified of new editions. It will be updated to keep you on top of the best strategies to use with SB, even as SB is updated.

The goal of this guide is to set you up so you can have the best experience possible, while making the most possible. All this is done in the name of fun, which is a good word to describe what swagbucks can be when approached with the right mindset -fun!

Afteral, everything you earn is esssentially free money, that you get for doing many of the tasks you probably already do! Why not be rewarded!?

How to Take it Further

The entire model for prancing yeti, is built around the money stretch – make money fun again by saving and making money, easily. Swagbucks gives you ways to both save money and make money, easily. What you do with those points is up to you, but some of the ideas below are great, too:

An extra $60-$90/month may not seem like much, but it really is! It becomes even more if you can both make $90 and save $90. This simple activity, called the money stretch, is a powerful way to free up money. Saving 100 and making 100 would free up 200 bucks! This is great practice, and you can start practicing it with Swagbucks.

You should always be looking for creative ways to use SB, but most importantly, ways to do these two things – save and make money.

Everything we do here is focused around those two activites, while having fun. It’s the dedication to long-term growth of small sources of income, with a fun mindset, that can turn a simple activity like this into a fun, new and hugely helpful skillset that can help free up some money for you.

Have fun!

If you found this guide helpful, join Swagbucks through my referral link!

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