Make $12 a Day With Rewards Sites

If you don’t know already, using rewards sites to make money can be an easy way to generate income on the side. The reason why this appeals to many people is because it requires little ability on their part, and can be done in the comfort of their home.

For many, it’s the easiest way to make a little extra something on the side with little work, doing simple things like:

  • Watching videos
  • Searching the web
  • Browsing content
  • Taking surveys

Simple stuff, right? It shouldn’t surprise you that one of the largest rewards sites boasts 12 million members, that do these simple tasks to earn extra money on the side, because who doesn’t like easy money!?

What really boggles the mind though, is why more aren’t doing it!!!!

Everyone should have a source of income that requires little capacity on their part, and It is my goal to make this a reality for you, by sharing how I earn $12 in a day using rewards sites. But first, we need to make it clear that this isn’t for everyone.

This is for people that:

  • Have spare time
  • Can manage their time
  • Have multiple computers and mobile devices
  • Do not mind repetition

I can help you with some of these things, but to a certain extent you will need to provide some of this. For example, to earn $12 a day you need patience and persistence.

The good news is, if you provide just little effort each day, and bring a little more each time you come back to it;  you will eventually get to the level needed to earn $12 a day. It won’t be right away, but if you put in the time, you will get there.

So now, let me show you what it takes to get to $12. Here on Prancing Yeti, we deem there to be 2 cant-miss ingredients you need to reach this number:

  1. Mix
  2. Referrals

That’s it! If you have these two things setup right then you can reach $12 a day using rewards sites. Now, lets go over what exactly each ingredient is so we both can be on the same page.


You can think of rewards sites as a grocery store where each food item is actually an offer you can use to make money. You can either push your cart around the store and pick out whatever catches your eye, or go in there with a mission, equipped with a list and army of coupons so that you can get the best deal. But instead of limiting yourself to just one Grocery store, you visit all the other great ones collecting the best deals there too.

When it comes to having the best mix with rewards sites, the best mix will consist of the best offers from each site, used on the appropriate device when the time is right.

Now, picking the right offers to use from each rewards site is a skill you will develop the more you use them, and isn’t something that can be simply given away from one person to the next because of one important fact – that members don’t always see the same offers.

One example of this is my brother for instance, who lives in another state is not offered the same offers as me, and even when he is, doesn’t make what I am able to. This is just one of the hurdles you may have to jump through, and why ultimately it is up to you to find the best mix for yourself.

I can only give you a general idea of where to look, but you will have to determine the optimal mix for you. The same way grocery stores in different regions of the world stock different foods, is the same reason I expect why some people in different areas see different offers.

With that said, let’s take a look at what $12 a day looks like:

  • Site 1 earnings: $5.00 (watched videos)
  • Site 2 earnings: $4.00 (browsed content)
  • Site 3 earnings: $3.00 (browsed content)
    • TOTAL:      $12.00

Of course the numbers aren’t always this pretty, but the key takeaway here is that I never earn from just one place -it’s from multiple sites. Use multiple sites. 


It can take a lot or a little depending on one crucial thing -how active your referrals are. To give you a better idea of this I’ll give you a real life example. This example comes straight from my own experience!

In the beginning days of swagbucks I went a little crazy upon hearing about their new referral program, and decided to let everyone know on my hobby blog about how they could use swagbucks to get free gear for their hobby.

Readers were excited and signed up in droves, so much so that over time I had amassed 600 referrals. I thought I had had hit the jackpot!

Did I hit the jackpot? No. It ended up being that none of my referrals were very active. They poked around swagbucks, earning a couple cents here and there, but never enough to make me much in return.

See, in order to make money from referrals, they need to be active. Swagbucks and the other big rewards sites will give you a cut of your referrals earnings, but you can’t get a cut if they don’t earn anything! This is why you should focus on having quality referrals that are active, versus quantity that is not. Have active referrals.


You now know the key elements to taking your earnings even higher. So what are you waiting for! Find your mix, get active referrals, and finally take your rewards site earnings to the next level.


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