PaidViewpoint Review – It’s Quick and Simple, But is it Worthwhile?

From 2008-2017 there was a website called It was a clean, simple, and easy to use paid survey website where you earned a few pennies and tokens for each survey you completed. If I remember correctly, you’re earnings per survey where random. You could win a few dollars for taking a survey if you were lucky. You could use the tokens you earned to enter sweepstakes for $50 or $2 drawings. It was a fun website to use, and I was paid every time I cashed out. The creators have since closed it and moved on to an even simpler paid survey site called PaidViewpoint. This time they’ve done away with the sweepstakes, tossed the tokens, and made it all about getting paid money for every answer you give.

Right away I will say that I love how clean the website is and easy to use it is. I can tell that they used what they learned from InstantCashSweepstakes to create a better paid survey website.

How Does PaidViewpoint Work?

The sign-up process is quick, and the website is easy to navigate. When you sign up, you take a short survey that helps them create a better idea about your likes, and who you are, all so they can match you with the right paid surveys. They call this your TraitScore. Your TraitScore can increase when you take trait and personality surveys. When you reach a TraitScore of 9000, you will earn more for each answer.

Paid For Every Answer

On PaidViewpoints, you get paid for every answer you give, even for the questions you are asked when you sign up, and for the trait and personality surveys. I earned $1.11 when I signed up. You can cash out when you reach $15, paid through Paypal. So far, I have been getting paid 10 cents for each personality and trait survey I’ve taken. They each have taken me under a minute to complete.

Limits on Survey and Question Length

PV surveys are limited to 25 questions, and most of them take about 5-6 minutes to complete. They limit the questions to 120-240 characters, and survey answers to 90-120 characters. They also limit the number of open-ended questions. This all makes for a very quick survey experience.

Notifications Sent When There’s A Paid Survey Available

You can select to have them email, SMS, or call you when there are surveys available. You can also set what times they can SMS or call.

Thumbs Up

I like it and think it is worth signing up. Paid surveys are great to take during commercial breaks while watching TV. This is one of the simplest paid survey websites I’ve seen, creating a smooth, headache-free experience. Other paid survey programs should take notes. Head over to to see for yourself.

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