Rewards Sites Like Earnhoney in 2018

Last year brought a lot of changes to Earnhoney. For one, they released a new offer dubbed Discover Media. This offer started off with a 50% bonus, for development reasons, but as the kinks get worked out I expect it to become a major staple for us honeybees.

And that’s just one of the big happenings at DoGood Media -the parent company behind EH. We follow the changes they make because each year these new features change what sites compare to our beloved honeypot rewards site.

So this year, when finding sites that compare, the following criteria was looked at:

  • 24/7 video offers, like VideoLoyalty
  • Offers like DiscoveryMedia
  • Referral bonuses
  • Promotional earning bonuses

In comparison to other reward sites, EH is fairly unique in that none of the others have a Roku app that earns.

sites like earnhoney

You can earn rewards on these sites, which are similar to Earnhoney.

Below are informational cards on each of these sites, which further detail how these sites are similar. You will find that they show which offers they have that EH also has, or which ones they do not. The list items in green are similar offerwalls to EH, while the red list items are offerwalls the site is missing compared to EH.

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