Rewards Farming: The Ultimate Starter’s Guide (5 Easy Steps)

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This resource is a great guide for starting rewards farmers that want the easiest way to get started. It is designed to cover only the steps to getting started, without the fluff and overwhelm of over-explanation that would come with a complete guide. This makes it an actionable resource a beginner can follow and start earning.

Setup a Paid-to-Watch Rewards Farm in 5 Easy Steps, and Start Earning TODAY

You found it. The only paid-to-watch setup guide you will ever need to read, and I ain’t kidding.

Before we dive into the guide, I want to take you through a quick introduction of what you will be learning.

To keep things simple from here on out, I’ll be referring to paid-to-watch as it’s short acronym: PTW. So now when you see PTW you’ll know what I mean.

What's Inside?

This guide contains the complete strategy I and many other PTW users use to earn an easy $100 or more a month watching videos on PTW sites and apps.

And if you have your eyes set on making more, don’t worry, you’ll also get strategies for taking your earnings even further by scaling your farm.

Then, just when you think it’s over, you’ll get highly prized information on how to get referrals to take your earnings even further. You will get to see the difference between active vs passive referrals, and why quality matters more than quantity.

Then, I finish the parade with a strategy you can’t find anywhere else.

Even if you are an experienced PTW user, I guarantee this strategy is nothing you’ve ever heard of or seen before. It’s something I have used to multiply my PTW earnings by nearly 10x.

This is something I learned myself through testing, and share with you because it makes perfect use of those highly discounted gift cards PTW programs practically beg you to take instead of the cash payout.

I know everyone in this area loves to go for the money payouts, but here I’ll tell you you’d practically be a fool to not!

If this doesn’t make sense right now, that’s alright, because I will walk you through it later. Just make sure you don’t spoil the surprise. Do follow this guide in order, and do not skip around.

This is version #1 of this guide. I intend to make a lot of new updates and additions after feedback starts rolling in, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to get notified of new editions. It will be updated to keep you on top of the best strategies to use with PTW sites and apps as hot new ones pop up and trusted ones are updated.

The goal of this guide is to set you up so you can have the best experience possible, and can enjoy easy passive earnings that come from the PTW arena. All this is done in the name of fun, which is a good word to describe what PTW can be when approached with the right mindset -fun!

Be Positive

After-all, everything you earn is easy, and practically free money, that you get for doing one of the best pleasures in life: watching stuff!

Remember this because you need to stay positive: It’s fun, easy money. So no complaining, ok?

PTW apps and sites break all the time. Sometimes they run out of ads to show you which means you don’t earn points… sometimes they decide you’ve earned enough and need to take a break.

Point is, it isn’t perfect. It may be easy money but the well does certainly dry up from time to time. When it does, try not to freak out ok? There’s no conspiracy happening and everything eventually works itself out and the well starts flowing again.

Now, let’s take this a bit further.

As with anything involving money, be ready to put in some work. You will need to dedicate time to this every day if you want the most out of it.

Daily Progress

In fact, daily progress is key on some of these PTW sites because you are rewarded for meeting daily goals, which throw even more earnings your way at the end of the month.

For me, the total amount of time I spend each day on PTW activities floats around 15 minutes.

Nowadays it doesn’t take me nearly as long to get everything setup and running as it did when I started.

When starting, the most time consuming part is the initial setup, which boils down to 5 simple steps.

Steps to Setting Up a Rewards Farm

  1. Setup timers
  2. Download apps
  3. Create accounts
  4. Optimize devices
  5. Open and run

I’ll be covering each step in this guide, and we are going to do so in this order.

By the end of this you will have a fully functioning rewards farm.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Step #1: Setup Timers

In a sense, a ‘Farm’ is what we are setting up because it has similarities to how an actual farming operation such as a greenhouse would run. In greenhouses, you have watering systems that ensure plants get adequate amounts of water at a regular schedule, and the same goes for the ‘Farm’ you will be setting up -except rather than regulating water, we regulate electricity.

Why Use Timers?

Timers save electricity, by giving battery powered devices such as smartphones and laptops only the amount of electricity they need to run when in use. This saves money.



A timer is a simple device that plugs into an electricity outlet, and will turn on electricity at the times it is set too. When plugging in a power strip to a timer, you can limit the electricity to all devices plugged into the power strip, giving you control over multiple devices with 1 simple timer. This is the easiest and preferred way, because a timer for every device isn’t necessary, be costly, and would be overkill.

I like to dedicate 1 timer and 1 power-strip for each set of battery-powered devices I use. For instance, I have the following:

  • 1 Timer + Power Strip for Smartphones
  • 1 Timer + Power Strip for Tablets
  • 1 Timer + Power Strip for Laptops

Because my smartphones are the same model of smartphone, they all have similar battery life, and so can be regulated with 1 timer. The same is true for my tablets and laptops.

How you setup your timer will be completely dependent on your devices battery life.

Start Simple, Optimize From There

In the beginning you will start with trial and error, and optimize from there. A simple way to start is to set your timer to run on every-other half-hour, which will save you 12 hours of electricity in a day. As you run your devices you will monitor their battery life, and remove chunks of half-hour increments as you see fit.

Then, you will remove chunks of time you know you will not be running your farm, so that no electricity is sent to your devices during that period of time. For instance, I choose not to run my laptops and tablets overnight, so from 8pm to 8am my timers for these devices are set to not send electricity during these hours.

On a timer, this looks like a solid row of pushed-in pins.

On the other-hand, my smartphones run 24/7, and so I have set that timer to run consistently during the day.

Where to Buy Timers

I bought my timers at Wal-Mart, but you can find them at any store that carries both electronics and hardware items. I found mine in the Hardware isle by the extension cords. However, during Christmas time you can find them by the Christmas lights.

Step #2: Download Apps

On your Tablets and/or Smartphones, you will download a couple apps. For beginners, I recommend 3 Apps.

Best Rewards Apps:

  1. RewardableTV – up to 5 smartpthones or tablets
  2. YooLotto – up to 7 smartphones or tablets
  3. PerkTV – up to 5 smartphones or tablets

You can start at the top of the list, using the top Apps with the devices you currently have. As you add more devices, you can use different apps, and grow your farm to max out each App; or, you can use a mix of each, which is what I do.

My Setup

With my setup I have 5 smartphones running RewardableTV, 2 running YooLotto,
and 4 tablets running PerkTV. This is what works for me and my internet connection right now.

With each app you do download, you will need to register an account. The 3 apps I mentioned above have a fairly straight-forward registration process. You provide them with a username, DOB, first and last name, and then a paypal account address.  Follow the prompts and you’ll be ready for the next step in no time.

Step #3: Create Accounts

If you have Laptops or any Computer you can use in your farm, then there are a couple websites you will want to be running.

Again, I’ll give you a list of the top 3 best ones for beginners.


Laptops are preferred because they use less electricity and because they have batteries we can use energy-saving timers with them.

Best Rewards Websites:

  1. InstaGC – up to 3 laptops or dekstops
  2. Earnhoney –  up to 3 laptops or desktops
  3. Swagbucks – up to 1 laptop or desktop

You can start with #1, running it on up to 3 laptops/desktops, and then go down the list as you add more laptops to your farm.

My Setup

It changes every week, but usually I run InstaGC on 2 laptops, Swagbucks on 1 desktop, and Earnhoney on 3 laptops.

Step #4: Optimize Devices

There are a couple things you need to do to your devices before you start running. This is done to keep them earning. If you don’t do these things your devices screens will turn off and prevent you from earning.

On Your Mobile Devices (Android Smartphone):

  1. Screen settings – Dim screen to save power
    1. Set screen to lowest brightness
    2. Install Lower Brightness Screen Filter
  2. Power settings – Keep screen on while charging
    1. Set screen to Stay Awake while charging in developer settings (do #1)
  3. Security settings – Turn off unlock setting.
    1. Turn off unlock/swipe feature
  4. Sound settings – Adjust media volume
    1. Turn up media volume to at least 20%

On Your Web Browser (Desktop/Laptops):

On your laptops and desktops you will use Chrome web browser, because it is the most compatible with rewards sites.

  1. Custom profile
    1. Create a custom profile
    2. Sync everything but Extensions
  2. Optimize browser
    1. Fix autoplay settings
  3. Add extensions
    1. Add Swagbucks extension
    2. Add EH extension

1.1 We create a custom profile just for rewards stuff because it makes it easy to ensure you are not using any browser extensions that will ruin your rewards earnings. All those security extensions and ad-blockers we use on our normal browser will damage you earnings and may even disable your account. Having a separate profile just for rewards stuff allows you to use the rewards sites extensions as well in an isolated browser that won’t slow down your normal browsing experience.

1.2 Additionally, when you select your Extensions to not sync you can then use the same profile across all your rewards devices, and only have the appropriate site-extension enabled on the laptops that are actually using the site. For instance, on your swagbucks machine you can have your swagbucks extension running on just that machine, while using your rewards profile.

3.1.2 Only add the extensions to the laptops and desktops you will be running the sites on. For instance, I have the SB extension on my desktop that runs the Swagbucks website, and the Earnhoney extension on the laptops that run the earnhoney website. If you have only one laptop or desktop, and plan on using each of these sites at different times, you will simply enable the extensions as needed. Running extensions when not needed slows down the browser, which is bad.

Step #5: Open and Run

You are almost there! Things are about to get fun. Once you power through this step you will left to your daily farm duties. But, we’ve got to get you through this section first before you can get to the good stuff.

So by now, you’ve setup your timers, created the necessary accounts, and optimized your devices. Now you just open them and run, right?

Well, yes… and no.

There are some things you will want to do while they are running, that can help you keep a smoothly operating Farm.

You should think of your first day, week, month of running as a bit of a trial period. As your devices are running you want to take notes on a couple things.

In general, you will monitor 2 things:

  • Monitor battery life
    • Is a device not getting enough juice?
      • Do you need to add more charging time?
    • Are your devices over-charged?
      • Can you reduce charging time even further?
  • Monitor loading
    • Are Apps running smoothly?
      • Are Apps closing unexpectedly?
      • Are there some permissions you need to set?
      • How often do they need my interaction?
      • Are ads playing?
        • What time of day are you seeing ads most?
        • What time of day are you seeing ads least?
    • Is my internet fast enough for the amount of devices I am running?
      • Are videos loading very slowly?
        • if internet is slow, consider upgrading internet speed
        • …or consider running less devices
        • …or consider upgrading your router

It takes minimal effort to monitor these things, but once you get enough experience under your belt it becomes second-nature.

And I guess this brings up one of the unintended benefits of running a Rewards Farm: it stimulates thinking and get’s your brain working in ways it hasn’t before.

Monitor it

The reality of running a Farm is that it’s entirely your own. Take the tips you’ve read today and make them your own. There’s no one single way to do it: just simple guidelines and starting points you were given today.

Scaling The Farm

Hopefully, you’ve just followed the steps and have a functioning Farm. Hopefully, you are on your way to making some easy passive money.

If you want to go even further, you have a couple of options, all of which will be detailed. The first thing for you to do, is to grow it till you can’t grow anymore.

When that point happens, you’ll notice videos loading slowly, and this will because you have literally maxed out your internet or your router. At that point you would check your router first to see if a new router would fix the problem, as most standard routers max out at 11 devices.  If that is the case, the fix would be to upgrade the router to one that can handle more devices.  Another route would be to hook up a second router to the first one, and move some of your devices to that connection.

On the otherhand, if you have maxed out your internet you would need to upgrade your internet plan if you want to continue scaling.

In either case, you will have to run the numbers yourself to see if it makes financial sense to continue scaling your farm. In my case it did not make sense to continue scaling, and so I found another way to double my rewards income.

Doubling Your Rewards Earnings

(coming soon)