These Things Can Kill Your Reward Site Earnings

Are you using swagbucks, instagc, or earnhoney? Good! You should be! But are you wondering if some hidden secret force is killing your earnings? This is a question we all should be asking ourselves when earnings get erratic and offers close or disappear unexpectedly.


Cache is stored on your device to help speed up loading, but over time, it can seriously burden your devices hardware and eat up precious memory. Eventually you may notice ads stop playing, or the page fails to load. I like to clear cache at least once a day, and often more frequently when using certain offers. For me, problems start to come when my browser reaches 600mb of cache. Once cleared it’s back to running as per usual!


Some areas of the United States have horrendous, slow and overpriced internet. I know this because I came from such a place! Fortunately I moved away, and now enjoy fast affordable internet. In comparison, the internet I have now is 10x faster and the same price. Crazy, isn’t it? To do well with rewards sites, you’ll want at least 60mbps. Sorry, but 15mbps won’t cut it. At slower speeds you will notice web pages timing out. This is bad news because if advertisers can’t show you their ads then you can’t take their money.


Some devices are little more than paperweights with screens. Or, they work fine for basic tasks like writing, and checking a website or two, but fail miserably with rewards sites. Take my 2010 Asus Netbook for example. This laptop has a processor that is actually slower than high-end smartphones, yet it came loaded with Windows 7, which it barely could run. Everything loads slowly, including webpages. This is not the ideal device to use with rewards sites. Yes, it can earn some, but it’s better off being used for writing, like it was for this post!


Did you know that devices you use come with a unique advertising identification number? This is especially true for android mobile devices. Your use of this device can impact the ads you are shown. Your location can also have an impact, as well as the internet connection you are using. If you notice a mobile device isn’t getting ads, it may be because your advertising ID has been flagged as low-yielding, or unworthy to the advertisers using rewards sites. Resetting it can help, but do it as a last resort after you’ve tried everything else.


If you are earning little, and expect something to be wrong, then the above tweaks can help get you back on track. give them a shot so you can get back to earning points.


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