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If you can write, have something to share about rewards sites and apps, AND want to include your referral links in your posts – then pay close attention to what’s on this page.

As a guest poster you will receive complete access to Prancing Yeti’s audience of money-minded hobbyists, all looking for ways to make extra money for their hobbies, and sometimes other important things like bills.

I first should point out that the site is relatively new and traffic is at “new blog” level. But, each post that is accepted to the blog will receive syndication across Prancing Yeti’s social profiles, and continuous promotion as the blog grows.

Continuous promotion comes in the form of more social posts and links to your post from new blog posts that are relevant to it. This means that over time your post may receive more traffic, and potentially become a passive source of referrals for you.

All you have to do is provide a quality post that helps others earn extra income using rewards sites and apps, that includes a referral links, and you can be on your way to earning free referrals.

To increase the chances of your guest post being accepted, ensure your post follows these guidelines:

  • Helps reader use rewards sites and apps more effectively
  • Provides tips that will help them earn more
  • Provides background info on your rewards experience
  • Includes images to guide readers
  • Includes visual proof if making claim of earnings
  • Article is clear and readers are able to apply the tips easily
  • Tone should be casual and friendly
  • No filler garbage
  • Only 1 referral link may be included
  • Includes supporting links if needed
  • Paragraphs should be 2-4 sentences so they are easy to read

Make sure your post provides actionable information with clear instructions that the reader can use to increase their earnings or make more with rewards apps and sites.

Additionally, I’d like to point out a type of article you could write should you not have any ideas on what to write.

This is something anyone with a hobby can do, and

“How I Get Free _____ Gear Using Rewards Sites”

“How I Pay For My _______ Hobby Using Money-Making Apps  ”

Fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, knitting, baking, painting – almost any hobby really!

If you have a hobby and you use money-making apps and websites to partially fund it, then this is an article you can write to get featured on this site and potentially earn referrals for free.

With this article you would introduce yourself, your hobby, and then run through the apps and sites you use to help fund it.

Eventually I will have examples for you, but for now the above description will have to do.

When you submit I may recommend a different title after reading your post. Your post may also be edited and formatted differently so that it is easier to read. In any case you will be notified of the changes before publishing it to the site.

Also note that in the event your article does not get accepted please do not take it personally. This just means there may be areas that need to be improved and that you may resubmit it when the needed changes are made.

Other than that I also reserve the right to reject any submissions should I find them to not be suited for the site.

I also reserve the right to remove entries should I find the author falsely misrepresented themselves and/or the content is found to be fraudulent and misleading.

With that said, I wish you luck!

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